Case Study: CIO Portal

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CIOs for the Departments of Education across 40 states were lacking a good mechanism for sharing information on technology procurement, software systems and vendor relationships. This has caused different states to implement siloed solutions to the same problems, limited the degree to which they share solutions and made it difficult to identify both good and bad products/vendors on a national level.

SwitchLane partnered with Diamond Technologies on this project and was selected to build a custom web application that allows the CIOs to easily share information, discuss synergies and even rate products/vendors for each other based on past experiences. SwitchLane has deep domain experience in working with state governments and offshore resources with the appropriate skills to build the site in the preferred technologies.

SwitchLane is still actively implementing the application, which is scheduled to go live in April 2016. Customer stakeholders have been very excited by what we have shown them and are anxious to begin using it.
CIO Portal

Technologies Used
Entity Framework
SQL Server
Client Quote
“This product can be one of the biggest, long-lasting achievements of our CIO network since it will lead to state level K-12 CIOs regularly sharing and having meaningful discussions that have never occurred before on this scale. We’ll all save money, get better vendor performance, share state agency created software and help prevent poor performers from going under the radar.”
- David Couch, CIO, Kentucky Department of Education