Upgrades & Support

Upgrades & Support Once an application or suite of applications has been built, there are ongoing cycles of activity related to maintaining it. There is proactive work to continue enhancing the software with new features for the user community. On occasion, there is also proactive work associated with upgrading the underlying technologies and potentially even re-architecting some or all of an application to support new capabilities or increased scale. In addition to proactive improvements, there is also reactive work to be done in terms of responding to user issues and fixing defects.

This work is often not very glamorous, but that doesn't mean it's not important. Companies that have their own dedicated IT teams can often handle this kind of work for themselves, but many do not have the necessary skills to do this and/or the bandwidth to respond to spikes in demand for this type of work. SwitchLane can not only take ownership of this for applications that we originally built, but we also provide upgrade and support capabilities for applications that were originally built by our customers or other vendors. We have the flexibility to engage in various models, including fixed price services that are easy for you to build into your budget.