Our Values

SwitchLane was founded in 2010 to provide superior IT services to our clients. The market for IT services is very competitive and there are lots of vendors out there. Our leadership team has spent time during their careers on both the client and vendor sides of the equation and we have seen some of the things that differentiate the good from the bad. At SwitchLane, we focus on:
  • Integrity - While we want to grow our company and be successful, we always strive to do "the right thing" by our employees and our clients. We have seen too many examples of vendors that focus on making a quick buck. This can lead to short-sighted decisions and in the worst cases can include things that cross over ethical lines. We simply won't do that.
  • Flexibility - One hallmark of our success thus far has been our ability to be flexible and deliver services in the way that makes the most sense for our clients. While we have “standard” ways of doing things, we can adapt to different approaches and styles as needed. This flexibility has allowed us to help a variety of clients ranging from public sector agencies to both public and private companies. Doing business with a vendor shouldn't be a burden.
  • Diversity - More things in this world should be based on merit. The person who produces the best results should be rewarded the most. It shouldn't matter whether that person is a man or woman, what country they come from or what color their skin may be. At SwitchLane, we strive to hire the best people for ourselves as well as for our clients. Our diversity focus is reflected in everything from our leadership team to our employees to the companies and organizations we work with.



Getting Ahead

Get Ahead
Our company tagline is "to get ahead" but this is more than just a tagline to us. At SwitchLane, we focus on helping:
  • Our clients get ahead of their competition
  • Our consultants get ahead in their careers
  • Our company get ahead by delivering superior results
Sometimes you have to switch lanes to get ahead in traffic, and in life.

Diversity For You Too

In addition to our focus on diversity, we can help you be more diverse as well. We are a nationally certified Woman Business Enterprise, which qualifies us against nearly any diversity program for both public sector agencies and private sector companies. Let us help you to get ahead and satisfy your diversity goals at the same time!
WBE Certified

How Can We Help?

Get Ahead
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