We can tell you about ourselves and some of the successes we have had, but why should you believe us? Take a look below at what some of our clients have said about how we helped them get ahead.
“SwitchLane has been an excellent partner. Their developers have been responsive, available on short notice to address challenges and they have demonstrated strong technical skills. They have done a consistently good job of delivering high quality, on time and within budget. Based on this success, we are looking to engage them in other initiatives outside of EASYPAY as well.”
- Tom Merkh, CTO, BCC Payments
...In response to re-architecting a commercial product and taking over ongoing support
Regarding an enterprise reporting solution we implemented...
“The things SwitchLane did and does for Allegiance have been phenomenal. The commitment and hard work your team displayed on the projects and the quality of the deliverables were commendable. Your team is a necessary piece to our company’s IT Operations. I appreciate your dedication and service, and I know others do too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and are doing for our IT Operations.”
- Karthik Subramanian, CIO, Allegiance Title
“We worked with two of SwitchLane’s highly skilled .NET developers on a complicated project which included combining 3 SQL databases, re-coding 3 web apps to utilize an MVC solution, and updating over 80 stored procedures to interface with another system. The migration cutover process was extremely smooth and the attention to detail on the cutover planning documentation was outstanding. We look forward to working with them again soon.”
- Cyndie Romer, PMO Director, Diamond Technologies
...In response to a project where we replaced legacy apps with a modern solution
Regarding a SaaS product we built for one of our clients...
“RCS worked with SwitchLane to develop an internet accessed Cash Flow Management program for building contractors. A few of the requirements were pricing building proposals, establishing draw schedules, monitoring and controlling job costs, tracking subcontractor payments, projecting each job's O&P and projecting cash flow 12 months in advance. Even though SwitchLane was not familiar with residential construction, they were able to quickly grasp the concept of what we were trying to achieve and developed a program that exceeded our expectations."
- Don Mattia, President, Residential Construction Services
“SwitchLane did a fantastic job on a project I oversaw for the Baltimore City Schools. They were able to use the initial requirements and analyze the existing custom application to develop further enhancements in the targeted timeframe. They used offshore resources, so it was cost effective. Working with an onshore project lead was the key to success, as he was able to interact with the offshore team and recommend solutions where requirements were incomplete. In the end, the client was happy and we were happy with SwitchLane’s involvement. We would never have met our financial and timeline targets without them."
- Xavier Castro, Project Manager
...In response to a project where we enhanced and stabilized an existing custom app
Regarding two custom software projects, partnering with another company...
“We have leveraged SwitchLane’s development resources for two significant projects over the last 12 months. From our perspective, SwitchLane’s team provides high quality enterprise application development capabilities, and has met (or exceeded) all deliverable expectations. The two projects were in support of custom application solutions for a large state agency, as well as a state police department. Both solutions have been successfully deployed to production and are in use by live end users.”
- Vince Borrelli, Director of Operations, Diamond Technologies
"BK Technology Inc. has successfully leveraged SwitchLane’s offshore development resources to minimize software development costs. SwitchLane’s offshore team provides high quality enterprise application development that has met and exceeded all milestones in the development of our budgeting forward software. We employed SwitchLane to keep the time and cost of developing our software components to a minimum. Our project is currently on target for deployment in August of this year (2015) and I am pleased to report they have exceeded all expectations.“
- Eric Brown, Sr., President, BK Technology
...In response to a SaaS product we built for one of our clients