Case Study: Cash Flow Management

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Residential Construction Services (RCS) is a building contractor who was using a spreadsheet to track cash flow management for its projects. As the business scaled up, this approach became cumbersome and they decided to replace spreadsheets with a web application. They also found that other contractors had the same problem, so they decided to make it a SaaS product that they could license to other contractors as well.

SwitchLane was selected to build this new web application/product from the ground up, handling everything from requirements gathering through implementation and ongoing support.

The application went live in early 2016 and we have been supporting it since then. We are also planning the next round of enhancements with RCS.
Cash Flow Management

Technologies Used
Entity Framework
SQL Server
Client Quote
“RCS worked with SwitchLane to develop an internet accessed Cash Flow Management program for building contractors. A few of the requirements were pricing building proposals, establishing draw schedules, monitoring and controlling job costs, tracking subcontractor payments, projecting each job's O&P and projecting cash flow 12 months in advance. Even though SwitchLane was not familiar with residential construction, they were able to quickly grasp the concept of what we were trying to achieve and developed a program that exceeded our expectations."
- Don Mattia, President, Residential Construction Services