Case Study: Custom Testing Tools

Financial Services  Java
A very large bank has multiple websites on which promotional offers are exposed to consumers. Maintaining these sites and ensuring the consistency and accuracy of these offers is very important but has traditionally been manual and error prone. There have been examples where inaccurate offers were made to customers (which they had to honor) which cost the company millions of dollars.

SwitchLane partnered with Diamond Technologies on this project and was selected to build a custom solution that can be used to define comparison areas between two sites. An application allows bank employees to define these comparison areas and run both scheduled and ad hoc comparisons on an ongoing basis to detect conditions where sites do not match (but should). When defining comparison areas, users can also specify a full array of target browsers and devices to test. The results of the comparisons are stored in a database and automated reports are generated to expose the results to QA analysts who then detect and report on any anomalies.

This solution is live and being actively used by the customer, but not yet for very long. We are still waiting on final feedback but the customer has been happy with the results so far.
Custom Testing Tools

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