Case Study: EASYPAY Laundromat

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BCC Payments has a suite of applications (originally built by another vendor) that enable laundromat customers to select washer/dryer machines for use, pay electronically and monitor the status of in-progress laundry loads. After launching the applications and experiencing significant success with customer adoption, they found that:
  • The solution was not stable, inconsistently causing problems such as dropped credit card transactions
  • The solution wouldn't scale well
  • They needed help with ongoing support
SwitchLane was selected to handle all aspects of this. We focused first on ongoing support and fixing the stability problems to improve the user experience and avoid lost transactions. Once this was accomplished, we started focusing on the re-architecture.

The stability problems have all been fixed and SwitchLane is still actively supporting the platform. The re-architecture effort is largely done and the new platform is scheduled to go live in April 2016. The client is very happy with the outcome and has already engaged us in a Phase 2 project that will follow.
Easy Pay Laundromat

Technologies Used
ASP.NET Web Forms
SQL Server
Client Quote
“SwitchLane has been an excellent partner. Their developers have been responsive, available on short notice to address challenges and they have demonstrated strong technical skills. They have done a consistently good job of delivering high quality, on time and within budget. Based on this success, we are looking to engage them in other initiatives outside of EASYPAY as well.”
- Tom Merkh, CTO, BCC Payments