Case Study: Inofast Manufacturing

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Inofast Manufacturing produces highly specialized fasteners, primarily for the government and defense industries. They use a custom browser-based application to manage all aspects of their daily business, which was built by a single self-taught internal resource. They reached a point where the internal resource could not continue to enhance the application at the pace required by the business. They needed help to take over and increase the pace of ongoing enhancements and also to implement technological improvements to existing functionality.

SwitchLane was selected to take over all aspects of ongoing development. We focused first on various architectural improvements, including the use of ASP.NET MVC for new screens while allowing for a hybrid approach where existing Web Forms screens can still function alongside them. Once that was done, we took over all ongoing development using the SCRUM process to manage the effort. Eventually their internal resource left the company and we also took over Production Support duties for the application as well.

We were able to dramatically increase the pace of new development and the quality of releases for approximately the first 9 months of this project. At that point the internal resource left and some of the pace fell off because we picked up support duties as well, but this was in line with Inofast's revised priorities. We continue to enhance and support all of their software needs on an ongoing basis.
Case Studies - Inofast Manufacturing

Technologies Used
Entity Framework
SQL Server
Client Quote
“I decided to hire SwitchLane when my general manager could no longer continue enhancing our primary software application at the pace I was seeking or with the quality we need. For the first 9 months of the engagement, I was very hands off with this effort and my general manager handled all of the day-to-day activities with SwitchLane. Then he very unexpectedly resigned from the company and left us with a real ongoing support challenge. Since then, I have worked much more closely with the team and they have had to almost completely transform the nature of our engagement in order to handle ongoing fixing and troubleshooting of undocumented software that they didn’t build, in addition to keeping the development of new features moving along. SwitchLane has been there to support priorities that have changed on a frequent basis and has been instrumental in helping us as we have been recovering from the loss of a key employee. They have worked with us as a true partner, with long term success and relationships as a key focus.”
- Scott Bardsley, CEO, Inofast Manufacturing