Case Study: Legacy Application Overhaul

Real Estate  .NET
This client provides 10 year warranties for newly built properties. They had multiple custom built legacy applications that are used by their employees, and by residential builders, to secure warranty terms for properties. They needed to replace these with new versions built using modern technologies and wanted things re-architected for greater re-use and integration. Doing so was going to be especially difficult because there was no documentation on any of the legacy applications and they were built in fairly old technologies using some poor practices.

SwitchLane partnered with Diamond Technologies on this project. The project had a limited budget and in order to maximize the amount of progress made within this budget, SwitchLane engaged our offshore development team to do the work at a lower cost. Our developers had to analyze the legacy code line by line to understand the functionality and were able to reproduce it in modern technologies. In partnership with Diamond, we were able to deliver what the customer needed at a price that they could handle.

The revised system went live in early 2016. As part of the launch, SwitchLane also managed the process of data migration from the legacy data models into the new data model. Since going live, the client has experienced very few issues and is talking with us about the potential for additional future enhancements.
Legacy App Overhaul

Technologies Used
Entity Framework
SQL Server
Client Quote
“We worked with two of SwitchLane’s highly skilled .NET developers on a complicated project which included combining 3 SQL databases, re-coding 3 web apps to utilize an MVC solution, and updating over 80 stored procedures to interface with another system. The migration cutover process was extremely smooth and the attention to detail on the cutover planning documentation was outstanding. We look forward to working with them again soon.”
- Cyndie Romer, PMO Director, Diamond Technologies