Case Study: Live Check 2 Check

Financial Services  .NET
BK Technologies (BKT) decided to offer a web-based SaaS product designed to help individuals:
  • Manage their money each time they get paid
  • List bills due each time they get paid
  • Remember when to pay bills
  • Project future income and expenses
This product is aimed at lower income individuals who need help with budgeting. BKT needed a partner to help envision and built the product.

SwitchLane was selected to build a web application for the intended purpose, from the ground up. In order to minimize costs, we managed this as an offshore development project.

The application went live in March 2016. SwitchLane hosts it for BKT and has been supporting it since it went live. We are also planning the next round of enhancements with BKT, which is expected to include creation of mobile apps.
Live Check 2 Check

Technologies Used
ASP.NET Web Forms
SQL Server
Client Quote
"BK Technology Inc. has successfully leveraged SwitchLane’s offshore development resources to minimize software development costs. SwitchLane’s offshore team provides high quality enterprise application development that has met and exceeded all milestones in the development of our budgeting forward software. We employed SwitchLane to keep the time and cost of developing our software components to a minimum. Our project is currently on target for deployment in August of this year (2015) and I am pleased to report they have exceeded all expectations.“
- Eric Brown, Sr., President, BK Technology