Case Study: Police Portal

Public Sector  .NET
This client wanted/needed an intranet application to use for various purposes including forum collaboration among police officers working on cases together, easy look up of historical crime data and statistics, and management of documents.

SwitchLane partnered with Diamond Technologies on this project. Based on some market research, Diamond decided to build this solution as a SaaS product that could be used by any police agency. They worked with SwitchLane on this in order to keep cost down on this investment and because of our successful track record of partnering with them on other projects.

The new product/application went live in early 2016 and SwitchLane built it from the ground up. We are also providing ongoing support for this first client as needed and are discussing the potential for additional enhancements to it as well.
Police Portal

Technologies Used
Entity Framework
SQL Server
Client Quote
“We have leveraged SwitchLane’s development resources for two significant projects over the last 12 months. From our perspective, SwitchLane’s team provides high quality enterprise application development capabilities, and has met (or exceeded) all deliverable expectations. The two projects were in support of custom application solutions for a large state agency, as well as a state police department. Both solutions have been successfully deployed to production and are in use by live end users.”
- Vince Borrelli, Director of Operations, Diamond Technologies